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The Skinny Ant Moat Gets Rid of ALL Ants 
in Your Hummingbird's Nectar. 100% Guaranteed!

Best of all, its Easy-to-Use, Safe, Non-Toxic, and Looks Great in your Backyard...

100% GUARANTEED to Get Rid of All Ants in Your Hummingbirds' Nectar!  

Revolutionary New Skinny Ant Moat Gets Rid of Those Pesky Ants FOREVER!

  • HIGHEST-QUALITY - Our ant moat is built-to-last, heavy duty, and made from COPPER (never cheap plastic that will quickly break and crack)!
  •  LONGEST-LASTING - We're a small family business of bird lovers, and we take great pride in sharing each of these beautiful ant traps for you and your family. Ants can be a nuisance, but we love to help people, just like you, to kick them in their butts :) Humanely, of course..
  • ​SIMPLE-TO-USE - Fill up the cup half way with water and also use the water to coat both the inside and outside of the cup, and hang it on your feeder! That's it!
  • #1 RATED ANT MOAT FOR A REASON - The "Skinny Ant" Moat is the most popular ant moat in the world... for 1 reason. Our PROPRIETARY design (and of course, because in flat out works!) Absolutely, completely, and every-single-time "Guaranteed"! Shop with Absolute & Complete Confidence that you're making a very smart decision!
  •  100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! - We stand behind our beautiful Skinny Ant Moats and know you're going to love them too! That's why we offer our 100% Total & Complete Satisfaction.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does it work? Its simple. Fill up the cup half way with water and also use the water to coat both the inside and outside of the cup, and hang it on your feeder! That's it!
  • ​Does it actually get rid of ants forever?​ Yes, the Skinny Ant moat's unique design will make the ants go away and stay away!
  • Is it safe for my hummers? Kids? Pets?  Yes, it is 100% safe and all natural. No chemicals needed!
  • How fast does it work? Within a few days, those pesky ants will learn that a new sheriff is in town, and go away for good!
  • ​Is it humane for the ants? Yes, our Skinny Ant moat is a physical deterrent that makes it impossible for the ants to get to the nectar PLUS no chemicals are ever needed! They just go away!
  • ​​Do I need one for each of my feeders? Yes, if you're having issues with ants, you will need to add one on each feeder.   On this page, you can purchase larger quantities at a huge discount.
  • How often should I change the water? Generally speaking, every few days, depending on how much sun or rain you've been getting.
  • ​​Where should I hang it? You hang the Skinny Ant Moat between your shepherd's pole hanger (or whatever you're hanging it on) and your feeder. 
  • How does it get rid of the ants? Basically, the Skinny Ant Moat prevents them from crawling from your hanger down to the feeder to get to the nectar. The water on the hooks and sides of the unit makes the surface slick so they can't get solid footing. The deeper water inside the cup collects any ants that fall down. Simple and HIGHLY-EFFECTIVE!

I Can't Believe How Well This Works...

I just wanted to let you know how much JOY this beautiful Skinny Ant Moat has given my husband and I..    

Ants were ruining our hummingbirds' nectar and we were desperate for a solution that actually works.

We'd tried all the cheap plastic moats and even tried building our own, but nothing worked, until we found your Skinny Ant Moat.

It's truly incredible how quickly the ants learn to stay away, and best-of-all its 100% Safe for our little Hummers!

Best-of-all, it's a universal fit for ALL of my feeders and its simple to use.

Basically, you just hang it between your shepherd's pole (or whatever you're using as a hanger) and your feeder. 

Those pesky little ants can't get around this obstacle, and stop even trying.   Brilliant!

Thanks so much!

The best product I`ve ever bought for my Hummingbirds...

I love hummingbirds and really enjoy seeing them come to one of my 12 feeders each day to drink their nectar and "play around"...

Unfortunately, over the last few months, Ants have made it daily ritual to RUIN the fresh nectar that I put out for my hummers.

I was extremely frustrated and was wasting alot of TIME and MONEY. I had to have a solution.

I started looking around online and, when I saw the THOUSANDS of 5 star reviews on the Skinny Ant Moat, I knew this is exactly what I'd been looking for.

I immediately purchased 6 of them, and its been truly amazing to see how well these work at getting rid of the ants.

Thank you Skinny Ant Moats for making such an effective & safe solution for this huge problem ,so many hummingbird-lovers like myself, face.

100% Recommended.
Are You a Hummingbird Lover That's "Sick and Tired" of Seeing Those Pesky Ants Ruin, Waste, and Defecate in your Nectar or Birdfeed? 
We are too! 

After all, we're bird lovers just like you, and we understand how frustrating, bothersome, and wasteful it can be to have ants constantly swarming in your bird's food, every single day... day-in and day-out. 

We can help stop those ants from advance in their tracks! 

You see, over the last few months, our crazy team of in-house "ant remediation experts" have developed this awesomely effective, but 100% completely safe, natural, & organic ant trap barrier for your hummingbird feeders. 

Its brain-dead simple to use too... 

1.) Simply hang the cup pointing upwards between your feeder and whatever its hanging on.

2.) Fill up the cup half way with water and also use the water to coat both the inside and outside of the cup, and hang it on your feeder! 

3.) That's it! :)

Your new ORIGINAL "Skinny Ant" moat is the simplest, quickest, and easiest-to-use, and best of all, you can rest-assured that we stand behind every single hummingbird product that we offer, and that you'll get the highest-quality & most beautiful ant moat ever in existence :) 

Trust us. Your hummingbirds will be the fattest and happiest in the neighborhood and will even start to invite their friends over for a quick afternoon snack! 

You'll love your ORIGINAL "Skinny Ant" ant moat so much, that you'll want to buy more than one!
100% Safe for Children & Pets
Hey, we're just like you. We don't want to hurt any little anty's, if we don't have to. That's why we recommend using 100% Safe water in our ant moat. Not some kind of chemical like so many of our "competitors" recommend.

Basically, the Skinny Ant Moat prevents them from crawling from your hanger down to the feeder to get to the nectar. The water on the hooks and sides of the unit makes the surface slick so they can't get solid footing. The deeper water inside the cup collects any ants that fall down. 

If they decide to be really hard-headed, they will slip on the top ant moat hook and water  and be retained inside the cup for your easy disposal.

Best of all, you'll never need to worry about your other animals, like your dogs and cats, getting into something they shouldn't. Its pet safe and people safe.
Trusted by Hummingbird Lovers Just Like You!
Trust the exact same "Skinny Ant" moat that tens of thousands of hummingbird lovers have trusted!

The "Skinny Ant" moat is so popular because it flat out works.

Serious Hummingbird Lovers don't use anything other than our "original" ant moat, because they've already tried the others and seen the problems with them.

You want an ant moat that looks beautiful and just works.

Every. Single. Time.
Support our Small Family Business!
We're proud to offer a product that has made such a huge difference in the lives of hummingbirds (and Hummingbird Lovers like yourself:)

We're always here to help you, and we very much appreciate your business.

May God Bless You and Keep You Safe.
​Why is the "Skinny Ant" moat SO much better?
No doubt that you've probably seen other "competitors" who have a similar ant moat to the original "Skinny Ant" moat, and you're wondering whats the difference?

Well.... I'm glad you asked :)

1.) Our "Skinny Ant" moats are the ORIGINAL all-copper moats. We take the time to hand-polish our copper to a beautiful shiny finish (rather than leave them in copper's normal ugly tarnished state, like so many of our competitors do).

You see... We understand that you want an ant moat that is beautiful AND functional and looks great in your backyard.

2.) Our Skinny Ant "moat" or cup is 1 1/2" wide (vs our competitors who many times only have 1/2" wide cups). This is a HUGE deal, as we've found, through years of testing, that its the most optimal size to catch the most ants (and to minimize your time cleaning the moat :)

3.) Our Skinny Ant moat is super-durable and will last a lifetime. Try saying that with some of our competitors' glass or, God forbid, ugly PLASTIC moats. These break. All. The. Time.
We Love Hummingbirds, Just Like You!
We're exactly like you, in that, we love us some hummingbirds!

The truth is, we developed the "Skinny Ant" moats, because we didn't want to see our little hummingbird friends get sick from accidentally drinking infected nectar.

If you don't know, ants are disgusting. They poop everywhere and infect the nectar. 

Hummers drink it and can get sick or die.

In addition, we got sick of having to clean the ants out of the nectar once a day (before the Skinny Ant moat). It was a REAL pain and time consuming task that we wanted to stop.

The beauty with the "Skinny Ant" moat is that any and all ants are caught inside the wide-mouthed cup :) 

No need to have to continually dump your nectar, clean your feeder, and re-add new nectar.

Its simple, quick, and easy to use, and once you use the original "Skinny Ant" moat, you'll wonder how you got along before it!

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